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"Imagination is more important than knowledge" ~ Albert Einstein

For Individuals

Upgrade Programs - Information Technology

The upgrade programs are specifically meant for individuals wanting to learn a specific technology in a very short span of time.  This is meant to keep you up to date on what is happening in the market. For Eg. You may be someone who would be good in Core Java technologies, but would want to upgrade to a newer programming language of C# or wanting to move into the Data Warehousing or Business intelligence domain. The upgrade program would be perfect for you. The upgrade programs are not basic programs for fresher’s. This program when coupled with our expertise in placements helps the individual to move into the desired job profile in the shortest possible time. If you have a specific requirement, please reach out to our training administrator at the following id


Breakthrough programs - Information Technology

IT The breakthrough programs are a suite of intensive programs specially designed for students fresh out of college. The participants undergo pre-training assessments for them to identify suitability of this program (developmental/testing/data warehousing). These programs are full time programs ranging from 20 to 35 person days with exposure to live projects, latest in demand technologies, helping the individual gain hands on experience in preparing himself for the world of IT. The program is interspersed with personal growth sessions enabling and empowering the individual to go beyond his limitations in making most use of the learning. You can also reach out to our training administrator at the following id to know more


Connect Programs - Generic

So you want to communicate fluently in English and get a job in a  call center or a BPO? Else you wish to get into the career of Tech – writing or Graphics or Web Designing?  The Connect Programs are specifically meant for students and professionals wanting to make a career in complimenting domains of IT (Call Centers, Graphics Designers, Technical Writers, etc). These programs are designed to ensure that you get trained in an area and program of choice helping you get a job at the earliest. Through the help of our expert placement processes the job placements for such learners becomes very fast and easy. You can also reach out to our training administrator at the following id to know more



For Corporate/Organizations

Off the shelf (OTS) training programs

Our expertise in executing training programs for individuals and our huge network of trainers ensure we cater to multiple and varied needs of the clients at extremely short notices. Whether it is the latest technology in the technical trainings or it could be campus to corporate training for fresher’s.  The trainers backed by the vast amount of person hours put in those trainings and their ongoing learning ensures the learners go back with complete value for the time that they have invested in this training. The biggest advantage of OTS training programs is that they have been successfully well received in other organizations.



Customized Learning and Development Programs

The Training Needs Analysis done by our training team ensures that the skill gap for the mentioned group of people is accurately assessed and the relevant learning program tailor made to suit the team’s requirement. It could be in the form of a ground up approach of building a training program or could be in the form of customizing already existing training programs to meet those requirements. The exceptional training knowledge that the trainer brings to the discussion ensures that ‘you’ the client walks away with the best training program matching your specific project requirements. The customized training programs have also proven to be highly effective in the areas of non-technical training programs such as etiquette training for specific section of employees travelling abroad to goal setting programs for managers to ensure that the performance management of their team is hassle free.


OD interventions

ph7’s affiliation with academic institutions, PhDs and HR practitioners ensure that there’s thorough diagnosis of your system before suggesting any course of action. We rely on thorough documentation and also getting to know the system from multiple perspectives before proposing any change initiatives. Our ability in working with the stakeholders and our drive in deriving measurable and tangible results ensure that you have the intended result in the chosen project. The project could range from documentation of existing HR processes and systems to policy formulations, to suggesting concrete changes to HR processes which can have tangible top line or bottom line results.



Outbound Learning and Development Programs for Groups/Teams

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation- Plato.  We feel this quote sums up the intent and scope of an outbound learning and development program.  Not all training needs can be addressed by an outbound learning and development solution. However, when an individual is taken out of the confines of offices and is put through unfamiliar situations in natural surroundings he would tend to behave in manners that are more inclined for him and his most natural and uninhibited responses come to light, not only for him to face and learn about them but also for him to learn the same about others. Issues like team-building, inter and intra-team communication, team work, are some areas that are best addressed by Outbound Learning Solutions. Our extensive experience in organizing safe yet insightful outbound team building exercises ensure that the participants not only learn the intended objectives of such games but also leave having as much fun in the process.  We conduct such programs for groups from corporate, Educational Institutes, NGO, Communities and other common interest groups.