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“The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered

is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.” ~  Thomas J. Peters

Permanent placements

We offer permanent placements, whether it is for volume hiring, niche skills recruiting or hiring senior executives. A wealth of specific industry, technical knowledge and network by our recruiters’ enables our clients experience faster turnaround time in the short run. Our recruiters’ expertise in sourcing would help meet the client’s annual manpower projections.  We are specifically good in the area of IT Products/Services, Energy and Infrastructure, Embedded Technologies, IT infrastructure and BFSI.

We cater to overseas clients also.



Temp Staffing 

A client wants to ramp up in a short span of time. Or would rather want to have people only for certain duration and not beyond that. Or it could be the need for a niche skill set only for a particular project. Or the need of reduced headcount or having a hassle free administration for noncore manpower personnel.

Our dynamic pool of profiles enables us in meeting all these varied requirements of different customers in a very short span of time. Our network with other players in this market also helps us in catering to the client’s need. We would not state that our temp staffing rates would be the best in the industry, but the personnel whom you employ through us would definitely deliver on the requirement.



Building , Deployment and Maintenance of HR intranets/ HR IT systems 

A thorough in-depth understanding of the nuances of HR processes/systems, their communication within themselves and other organizational processes and subsystems ensures that our clients experience superior stakeholder satisfaction through deployment of such solutions at their workplaces. Use of advanced and latest technologies also ensures that such applications are slow in redundancy and are less expensive in maintaining. Focus on simple yet intuitive human interfaces on such applications would ensure that your stakeholder satisfaction goes through the roof.  Automation of a recruitment process or performance management system, customizing a learning management system for your organization or having an online employee board for your employees to seek out information, these are just some aspects of the varied solutions that can be delivered by our team. The team comprises a mix of seasoned HR professionals and techies. Our solutions’ uniqueness is the combination of tailor making the application as per your organization’s (cultural, operational and strategic) needs and at the same time our counsel in offering some of the best  solutions/practices in the industry.



HR Analytics

Would you like to know your employees’ perception about your current referral scheme or would you like to identify how your rewards and recognition program can be made more effective? How about assessing a segment of employees’ job satisfaction levels as influenced by the managers whom they work with? Or would you be interested in doing a Multi Rater Feedback or a 360 degrees developmental appraisal for your managers and leaders…. our seasoned HR professionals coupled with the statistical expertise that they bring to the table would ensure that surveys meet the intended objective set by your team. The surveys executed through secure online applications (or drop boxes) help in maintaining complete confidentiality of the respondents. The interpretations would go beyond just being reliable, valid and accurate findings or pictorial representations of analysis. Rather what you can expect are insightful indicative statements within the organization’s contextual framework, helping you take concrete actionable steps based on those statements. You can also engage the HR analytics services to clean up existing data dumps or to come out with innovative data interpretations for your existing performance appraisal, payroll data or surveys.



Employee Engagement and Communication Services

All work and no play makes anybody dull, not only Jack. You could look at engaging this service in executing mini events which can range from a couple of hours to a full day. Or multiple events running up to one gala finale…. Or we could facilitate ideating and executing unique ideas which would help employees unwind and connect. It could be to bring an element of fun or to build better engagement and identification with the organization or both. An in-house magazine for your employees, where the content is designed, edited and put together by your team. A mural or paintings depicting the core values that you wish to reinforce. Or a pictorial/symbolic branding exercise communicating what your corporate brand intends to communicate. This service could also take the form of artifacts or gifts for employees for any specific achievements or milestones that they could have achieved. Functional/Departmental branding through email templates for different occasions to generating meaningful content for your department. The range of ideas that can be executed under this service is as limitless as our imagination and creativity.