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Creative Solutions


“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes,
and having fun.”~ Mary Lou Cook

And you thought we are a boring HR consulting firm….our strong interest coupled with the vast experience that our leadership team brings to ph7 enables us in providing some of the best creative solutions in the industry.


Web Development

It could take the shape of redesigning your website according to your organization’s new vision, or it could be to build a new website for you to take your business to a global level. We have expertise in building dynamic websites to websites which are completely e-commerce oriented.



Search Engine Optimization ensures that your business is searchable across different search engines, helping in get more business. SEO can take the form of the most basic one to the most advanced.


Web Content Management System Services

If you have a requirement to manage the content continually and require to frequently update content in huge volumes, our expertise in managing this for websites which are prone to change will be helpful for you to keep up with the pace of business demands.


Social Media Integration

The ability to connect with your target audience as per what is convenient for them can be made possible, it could be through integrating it through facebook, twitter, shareslide or any other such social media that you might find interesting.


User Interface (UI) Solutions

Our team of designers who come from the fine arts and having worked on multiple software products across different sections of industries ensure that the User Interface Solutions for your Software products, or online solutions are intuitive, interesting and very easy to navigate. The fine arts platform that our designers bring to the table also ensures that UI’s created by our team are not only colorfully appealing but will ensure they uniquely blend into your overall branding and color schematics.


Branding Solutions

Your marketing, business development  and sales team can make use of any of the following solutions for their efforts. We deliver the required collaterals and solutions at extremely short notices, having worked with scores of sales and marketing teams on this we understand the requirements at a very granular level, we also go beyond what your team is looking for and propose concrete solutions in helping you effectively leverage on these collaterals to close on the sales. Various solutions that our clients continue to benefit from are


  • Brochures
  • White Paper        
  • Case Studies
  • Banners
  • Power point / Flash Presentations
  • Diagrams/Flowcharts – Static to Dynamic
  • Logo and Template designing
  • Emails/Newsletters Designing
  • E-Magazines to Print Magazines


Artworks/Wall/Pillar Murals and Paintings

Our association with wide ranging artists all across India puts us in a unique position to bring forth and have their art  beautify the walls  and boardrooms of corporate houses. Do you want to communicate your organization’s journey that it has traversed across the years in a pictorial fashion? Or you may want to communicate the core values of your organization that is visually and aesthetic in appeal and powerfully communicates the intended message. Depiction of your organization’s product or service portfolio, depiction of vision and mission statements visually… and the list could go on. We would be glad and thrilled to execute this from start to finish. Starting from ideation using creative brainstorming sessions to executing the physical pictorials, we possess the requisite competency in managing execution of such projects from start to finish.



Multimedia & Content Creation-

A dynamic picture with a storyline, communicates more eloquently than pages of verbose content. This could range from animated multimedia content creation to Flash presentations with a voice over. The utility aspect of such content can range from making your organizations’ induction programs more colorful, unique and interactive creating great experiences for your customers. It could also enhance the sales presentations that your marketing team would want to have in place. We can create content for any such various modes and occasions.



We undertake maintenance, support and up gradation of your existing websites or intranets. You can make use of these services under Annual Maintenance Contracts, to specific project/task based executions.