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About ph7


 Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ M K Gandhi

Founded in 2009 by a team of young professionals, we offer services in the area of HR and Creative Solutions. Our domain expertise coupled with talented people enables us in delivering unique and customer centric solutions.


Our Driving Principles

Respect for the Individual – Whether it’s an employee of ph7, a client, a candidate seeking employment, a vendor or a business partner, we deeply value and cherish each relationship, knowing that each relationship is unique in his/her aspirations, contributions and needs. We will endeavor to serve and protect each person’s interest in our association with them.  This would mean agreeing to disagree agreeably and yet finding a solution for what has to be done at hand. It would mean taking risks on individuals and counting on them to deliver on it. It means being fair, just and honorable in our interactions with any individual. This is our most important and stated value.

Delivering Value- We felt it prudent to state this explicitly, though it may seem very obvious to many. If our customer does not experience value then there is definitely more or something else that we can do for him/her. We are not in business for the sake of business and rather are there for the value that customers can experience through us. A key aspect of this value would be keenly listening to our customers in understanding their requirements and needs.

Never Ending Game of Performance- We continually not only look for performing at higher and newer levels but also look at changing the rules of the game to newer vistas. A never ending game of performance is more than winning and losing. Though the game is about winning, we believe in playing as much. The goal is not fixed and gets continually reinvented and so do the rules of the game. It means outdoing our previous game metrics each month we plan and execute new courses of action. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible at work for our customers is what would be at the heart of this value. It would also mean creatively destructing what we have done so far for us to break out of our own legacies.  This value is what would ensure that someone who may be considered a least performer at ph7 would be the best in the industry.

WOW Factor- Let’s wow our stakeholders, going beyond their, the markets and our own expectations of what’s possible for them. It’s beyond delighting a customer; it is essentially wowing him/her.  What this means to each person is different and unique.